RED Auto Protection | Our Team
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Our Team

Meet the experienced and knowledgeable team that makes RED Auto Protection the best in the vehicle protection industry.

Trevor Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Trevor Smith joined the RED Auto team in 2012. Trevor brings over 15 years of sales, marketing, leadership, and management experience to the RED Auto team.

Trevor graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Business Administration, and then went on to start his own successful mortgage company. He then relocated to Orange County, California and started a successful business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing venture.

As Chief Executive Officer, Trevor oversees all aspects of RED Auto Protection’s internal and external sales staff, as well as company operations. In his spare time, Trevor enjoys golf, spending time with friends and family, and is an avid ASU fan.

Brittany Masanovich

Chief Financial Officer

Brittany Masanovich is the Chief Financial Officer for RED Auto Protection. Brittany brings over 10 years of accounting, human resources, payroll and operations management experience to the RED Auto Protection executive team.

Brittany joined the RED Auto Protection team by way of its largest ever affiliate HotWire Media Group in November of 2012. During her five years with HotWire Media Group, Brittany has proven to be one of our greatest assets, successfully holding the positions of bookkeeper, human resource manager and operations manager.

Today, Brittany is once again succeeding at one of the company’s highest executive positions as CFO. It is Brittany’s passion for integrity and dedication that makes her an asset for our employees and customers.

In her free time, Brittany is a loving mother and wife, staying very active as a team mom on her children’s softball team. She is also an avid Los Angeles Lakers fan and enjoys vacationing with her family to some of the world’s most exotic beach destinations.

Drew Gilkey

Chief Technical Officer

Drew Gilkey brings over 18 years of IT, operations, and customer service management experience to Red Auto Protection. Prior to working for Red Auto Protection, Drew worked for such companies as Verant Interactive and Sony Online Entertainment.

As Chief Technical Officer, Drew ensures that the technology needed to run day-to-day operations of Red Auto Protection remain operational and continually developed for the best possible customer experience. He is responsible for designing, maintaining, and ensuring efficient operation of all technical systems.

Drew believes that his job goes beyond just the systems and strives to make sure that each customer is in a better place than when we first helped them. It is Drew’s passion for integrity and dedication that makes him an asset to our employees and customers.

In his free time, Drew is an avid video gamer and enjoys other hobbies such as racing, 3D printing, electronics, aquariums and robotics. In addition, he has contributed to several popular open source projects. He serves as president on the board of directors for his HOA and has served on several property management boards in the past.