RED Auto Protection | What Makes RED Auto Different?
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What Makes RED Auto Different?

The marketplace is full of companies that try their best to save money by making claims difficult for their customers. That’s not the case with RED Auto Protection.


We make it a point to offer better protection products, better service and a better repair experience, so that you drive away happy.

Amazing Customer Service

At RED Auto Protection, we take customer service seriously. While many companies just give lip service about customer service, we go the extra mile—we truly care. Many people dread calling into a company for customer service. At RED Auto Protection, we do our best to optimize our customer experience—from having low wait times and American-based customer service representatives, to being friendly and going the extra mile—a phone call to RED Auto Protection’s customer service team should make you realize we truly believe in the “service” part of customer service.

Our customer service professionals go the extra mile for every customer to do everything we can to make our customers happy. At RED Auto Protection, we believe in doing things differently—and that includes having the best possible customer service around. Being nice when you call in for a question is something we pride ourselves on, but more importantly, our customer service team will do everything we can when you really need us—in the event of a breakdown. Our staff is trained to do everything they can to help assist customers—from helping them with roadside to assisting them with claims, it is our mission to serve our customers and leave them better off than they found us.

Excellent Reputation

While many of our competitors have horrible reputations, “F” ratings with their Better Business Bureaus, and numerous entries on web sites such as, at RED Auto Protection we pride ourselves on having an excellent reputation.

Unlike many of our competitors, RED Auto Protection has an “A+“ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is ripoff report verified, meaning our customers can rest assured we are committed to providing excellent customer service.

We’ve been asked many times why we have such a good reputation—and the answer is simple: we take care of our customers, and we do everything we can to provide amazing customer service.

We Hand Select the Best Plans for Our Customers

Our CEO and Executive Team truly care about our customers, and thus the products we are offering to our customers. Before we sign up with an administrator, or develop a program through our own administrator, we put our customers’ needs first.

Every administrator and insurance company we do business with is carefully screened to ensure that they are financially stable and, most importantly, pay their claims.

This allows RED Auto Protection customers to rest assured that they are getting the best policy, offered through the best administrators, all at the best possible price.

All of Our Polices Have a 30-Day Review Period for a Full Refund

RED Auto Protection customers can take comfort in the fact of knowing that when they purchase a Vehicle Protection Plan from us, if there is anything in the plan they don’t like or they simply feel the plan is not for them, customers have a right to cancel their policy and receive a full refund of all money paid in within the first 30 days or purchase without any penalty whatsoever.

Refunds are simply processed back to the credit/debit card that the customer pays with. Think of it as an extended return policy.

RED Auto Protection Is a Lifeline

RED Auto Protection truly is a lifeline—you have insurance on your car to protect you against collisions. However, without a plan to protect you against breakdowns, which are far more common—you are not totally protected on your vehicle.

A Vehicle Protection Plan from RED Auto Protection ensures you have total protection on your vehicle, truly giving you peace of mind for the road ahead.